Every Journey is an Adventure with the Jeep Compass

The unique design of the Jeep® Compass offers drivers a dynamic experience which combines the traditional performance of a Jeep with versatile urban capabilities. A sleek exterior and a luxurious interior, you’ll experience ultimate comfort whether you’re on the road or off-road. A sophisticated entertainment and navigation system seamlessly works with your smartphone to keep you connected wherever you may be. The Jeep Compass also boasts a 5-star NCAP rating so you can drive with confidence.


Updated Style, Updated Performance

While the Compass features the distinctive grille and wheel arches which make it an unmistakable member of the Jeep® family, contemporary touches mark it out as a versatile vehicle. The stylish chrome detailing and wrap-around ‘day light opening’ trim line make a modern statement sure to turn heads.

It’s not all about the looks when it comes to the Jeep® Compass. Its design pays homage to its rugged roots with a frame built for ultimate durability. A wide base combined with McPherson suspension and damping systems creates a smooth ride and excellent handling whether you’re navigating rush hour in the city or taking the back roads on a weekend adventure. 

Always Connected

Surround yourself with the latest on-board technology, connectivity and comfort inside the Jeep® Compass. Touches such as the heated front seats and steering wheel elevate the driving experience. The seats and controls have been ergonomically designed and fitted with luxurious materials to ensure that you tackle any terrain in comfort. Choose your style from timeless Black to stand-out Ski Grey leather. Feel closer to the elements with the optional Dual Pane Sunroof, offering a unique driving experience, completely surrounded by the great outdoors.

You have everything at your fingertips with intuitive steering wheel controls connecting you to your smartphone’s navigation and connectivity functions. The Uconnect™ multimedia system and TFT driver display offer a safe and fuss-free experience.


e-Hybrid By Jeep®

The Jeep Compass is now available as an e-Hybrid powertrain. 

How does Jeep’s e-Hybrid technology work? Jeep®’s new e-Hybrid technology is based on the combined work of two engines - the petrol-powered 1.5 T4 Turbo powertrain, delivering 130 HP through the front axle, and an electric motor integrated into the new 7-speed DCT transmission providing 48V to boost performance up to 15 kW (20 HP)* in various phases of the driving experience. The e-Hybrid system can guarantee a pure electric driving experience: it allows you to drive in full electric mode with the internal combustion engine completely switched off when at low speed. 

Plus, with regenerative charging, you'll never have to worry about battery charge on long drives.  A new 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, ensures a smooth drive on and off-road, and puts the power in your hands. 

*Operation is subject to battery charge.

Some of the Compass e-Hybrid’s features include:

E-creeping: Move slowly in pure electric mode. By releasing the brake pedal and allowing the electric motor to kick in, the car can drive in electric mode completely switching off the internal combustion engine.

E-launch: Starting your Jeep Compass is now smooth and silent, thanks to new e-Hybrid technology and electric mode.

E-queuing: Move smoothly and quietly even when starting and stopping in traffic with low speed driving in pure electric mode. 

E-parking: Park in electric, thanks to e-Hybrid electric technology.

Are You Ready For The New, Electrified Compass 4xe?

The new Compass 4xe Plugin Hybrid embodies Jeep’s commitment to the future. Discover the same Jeep spirit but with lower emissions, improved design and uncompromised performance. The all new Compass 4xe reinvents all-wheel driving, combining 4x4 traction with electric propulsion. Jeep excels once again, combining increased performance with reduced fuel consumption.

Electrified Freedom

The arrival of the Compass 4xe Plugin Hybrid, the latest addition to the 4xe family, marks another step in Jeep’s move towards a greener future for 4x4 driving. Expect trademark Jeep 4x4 capability combined with a powerful electric motor, as well as a whole host of refined safety and comfort features. A truly enhanced driving experience, with a redesigned and compact interior.

Reduce emissions and fuel usage in the New Compass 4xe, with improved safety features, and better performance and capability than ever before. The powerful electric motor will allow you to live a greener lifestyle, using the electric mode to drive shorter journeys for everyday activities. On both the inside and outside of the car you’ll also find new and improved design features including a redesigned lower front fascia, new wheel designs and a more refined interior with increased storage.

New Style Details

Details make the Compass 4xe Plugin Hybrid different. The new Compass 4xe is even more elegant, even more determined, even more Jeep.

Discover unmistakable and unique styling details including the new chrome 4xe badge on the tailgate, bordered by the signature blue profile of the 4xe Plugin Hybrid family . The iconic seven slot grille and new muscular contours accentuate the hybrid vehicle’s power and capability, as do the completely revamped headlights and front bumper.

Refined Interiors

More space means more Jeep. 

It also means more convenience, better storage and better equipped adventures! The All New Jeep® Compass 4xe Plug-in Hybrid's interior boasts cleaner, sharper lines and the storage capacity is more than doubled - from 2.8L to 7.2L. It is ideal for taking on everyday adventures. Plus, premium materials across the dashboard and seat finishes give this compact SUV a refined and distinctive style. 

Compass 4xe Plugin Hybrid Means Choosing Your Style: Electrified Freedom.

Choose the driving mode that suits you with the new Compass 4xe. With 30 miles of electric range you can make everyday journeys more cost efficient and more green than ever before. Get the most out of your Jeep with 3 modes: 

  • Hybrid, this mode uses both engines.
  • Electric Mode uses only the electric motor, with zero emissions and 30 miles of range.
  • E-Save keeps the battery charged by increasing the effectiveness of autonomous charging systems.

Enhanced Driving Dynamics

Driver and passenger safety are at the forefront of the new Compass 4xe’s design. The latest model will offer a full array of active and passive safety and security elements for everyday driving, with features like Forward Collision Warning and LaneSense Departure Warning, as well as Electronic Stability Control (ESC) with Electronic Roll Mitigation (ERM) all as standard. In other areas, the dynamic characteristics of the Compass have also been further refined for improved comfort, performance and safety. Enhanced handling thanks to the new tuning of the steering system will make for a lighter, more flexible driving experience. Targeted interventions to the suspension will also benefit the driver, limiting movements in the vehicle's body without compromising its ability to tackle tough terrain. Make easier, more decisive manoeuvres and confident high speed turns thanks to the aerial view and the new parking assistance system with 360º camera.

A New Level of Safety

The new Jeep® Compass 4xe Plug-In Hybrid is equipped with the latest in driver assistance systems to ensure your safety. Full security and safety for the driver, passengers, and others you encounter on the road.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Lane Keep Assist electronic systems maintain the cruising speed (which you can pre-set) and ensure your position inside the lane is kept steady. By detecting any vehicle in front, ACC automatically adjusts the speed of the car while maintaining the safety distance, while Lane Assist automatically adjusts your vehicle’s position. You’ll never be caught off guard with the new Compass 4xe’s Traffic Sign Recognition abilities and Intelligent Speed Assistance. Your Jeep recognises traffic signs for you and reports the speed limit on the digital instrument cluster display, as well as automatically adjusting your speed to the appropriate limits of whatever road you are travelling on. There’s also Driver Drowsy Detection in the new Compass Hybrid, which monitors the driver’s attention level in comparison to that of the last seven minutes. If your attention falls below the minimum level, you’ll be recommended to take a break. Last but not least, the new Compass 4xe is able to prevent possible collisions with pedestrians, other vehicles and obstacles. It’s all part of Jeep’s advanced safety technology designed to keep you and those around you safe on (and off!) the road.

Better Connectivity

Enhance your adventures with cutting edge technology in the Compass 4xe. For an even more fun, safe and immersive driving experience, the Jeep® Compass 4xe Plug-in Hybrid features the new intelligent 10.1” Uconnect™ infotainment system. With the My Wi-Fi package Uconnect, “Hey Jeep®” voice assistant, and your home assistant are all included.
From the sleek dashboard of the new Compass 4xe Plug-in Hybrid emerges the 10.1” touchscreen display of the new, intelligent Uconnect™ system. The new operating system is faster and more versatile than ever, providing up to five times faster navigation, a customisable interface, access to your favourite apps and the ability to create up to 6 different user profiles. Plus, with the Uconnect™ app on your phone, the infotainment system in your Jeep® Compass 4xe Plug-in Hybrid automatically updates directly from your device, thanks to the new Over the Air* feature. Thanks to Uconnect™ Services and the My Uconnect™ App you can always stay in touch with your car, even at a distance.

In fact, it’s easy to play with your Jeep remotely, easily and intuitively with the Uconnect app. Make life simple by managing your car’s charging directly from your device with the My eCharge feature.

With Jeep® Compass 4xe Plug-in Hybrid, you can also charge your smartphone cable-free with the Wireless Charging Pad. Simply place your device on the stand built into the centre console and a light indicates the level of charge. Magic!

Hey Jeep!

UCONNECT™ Services with Alexa Voice Service Integration

The Jeep® Compass 4xe Plug-In Hybrid is the first in the Jeep® family to have a voice assistant integrated into the Uconnect™ infotainment system. Just say “Hey Jeep®!" and start talking to your car. Your voice activated assistant can help you with pretty much anything from adjusting the air conditioning or heating, changing your music, setting your destination, creating lists, ordering food, plus lots more. Get ahead while you are on the go, safely and efficiently!

Electric Made Easy

The internal combustion engine coupled with the electric motor optimise fuel efficiency. The new Compass 4xe strikes the perfect balance between performance, electric power, fuel consumption and charging time. Charging your battery on the go is fast and easy with e-casting, which uses the negative torque of engine braking as a way to charge. Or, manage your Jeep's charging remotely through your phone.

The new EasyWallbox is Jeep’s new intelligent device that allows you to reduce charging time. Available as an option when you order your Compass 4xe, the EasyWallBox detects the energy consumption in your home and then adjusts the charging power to your vehicle to prevent the risk of a blackout. The EasyWallBox’s smart features don’t stop there - it also stores your charge history and predicts your household’s usual peaks to optimise your charge.

You can also easily manage the charging of your Compass 4xe with ALL-e, Jeep’s new monthly subscription. This allows you to access a package of public and domestic top-up services every month at a fixed price. Simply choose the package that suits your lifestyle best and start a new adventure.

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