New Fiat Concept Centoventi

Introducing the new Fiat Centoventi Concept Car 

Lasting Adaptability

The latest addition to the Fiat family is truly a car for the future. The electric Centoventi (which means 120 in Italian) is designed for the user. Each element, from exterior aesthetics to interior practicalities is customisable and easy to alter. That means that as your lifestyle changes so can your car. 

Born to be Dressed 

The Centoventi is a minimalist car. But don’t let simplicity fool you - it is a blank canvas ready to be styled. Choose between an eclectic range of roof covers, wheel designs, wrappings and bumpers. Find your perfect match. There’s something to suit everyone, so you can make your Centoventi as unique as you are. 

A Car in Step with the Cycle of Your Life

Inspired by the Fiat Panda,  Centoventi’s core values are adaptability and sustainability. Beyond the customisable exterior of the vehicle, the interior is designed for everyday practicality – whatever that might mean for you. The simplified interior space features the driver's seat and rear bench with a mounting bracket in place of the passenger’s seat. This bracket is designed to allow you to fit in different modules as and when you need them. For example the passenger side can hold a storage basket, pet carrier, or of course a regular passenger seat.

Intuitive Plug and Play Dashboard

The minimalist dashboard features a 20 inch Lingotto display, named after Fiat’s iconic test track in Turin. The dashboard top itself is covered in a series of holes that can hold additional storage modules, including cup holders,  hooks, and docks for smartphones and other devices. In total, the Centoventi boasts over 120 accessories available - make it as minimalist or maximalist as you wish. You also can opt for moulded arm rests on your seats and additional storage options in the doors. Even the seat fabric in the Centoventi is changeable and washable, so you can personalise and update the upholstery throughout your ownership.

Drive Electric 

The Centoventi is designed with the future in mind. Fully electric, the concept car features a built in charging cable reel. The 60 mile standard range is extendable to 300 miles, to cover longer journeys. Enjoy peer to peer charging, when you need it. A compact electric vehicle, the Centoventi will join the 500e as the perfect, zero-emissions city car. 

Prize Winning Design 

The Fiat Centoventi was named Best Concept Car of 2019 at the Car Design Awards. It also boasts the “Red Dot Award 2019” and the “Trophées Argus 2020” Special Jury Prize. 

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