New Fiat 500 (RED) Family

Take Your Seat To A Better World. 

Electric, to care for the Earth. Red, to signal the fight against pandemics and global emergencies. In partnership with (RED), the new Fiat (RED) Family is here to do both.

With this collaboration, signature Italian Fiat style and craftsmanship meets the good fight for our planet and our health. What's not to love? 

(RED) was established in 2006 by Bono and Bobby Shriver. As a charity, RED’s mission is to fight pandemics and provide relief & support for vulnerable peoples and communities most affected.

It’s (RED) to help: (RED)UCE emissions, (RED)UCE pollution, (RED)UCE health & climate emergencies. Join the fight in style. With every purchase of a (New 500), (500) and (500X) RED, a donation is triggered and Fiat contributes to the RED mission of supporting our planet and its people. This support mission includes prevention, treatment, counselling, testing, education and care services to those most in need.

The Fiat RED family has three core members: the electric New (500)RED (available as a hatchback or convertible), the (500)RED Hybrid, and last but not least the (500X)RED - for those with a sporty edge.

(RED)UCE Emissions, (RED)UCE Pollution, (RED)UCE Health & Climate Emergencies

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Designed with Your Health in Mind.

So what makes the Fiat (500)RED Family so special? Inside the cab, feel safe against infectious bacteria. The air you breathe is vital and Fiat helps reassure that the air you inhale in your cabin is as safe as possible. The cabin air filter has been treated with a highly effective* biocide substance that works against harmful bacteria, preventing re-aerosolisation (air borne particles containing viruses and bacteria) inside the vehicle.

The anti-bacterial biocide substance continues to provide prolonged protection for you and your passengers across the car’s upholstery: on the seats, the steering wheel and the boot carpet. The soft touch steering wheel helps you feel in complete control, made from a delicate antimicrobial material. 

In each model enjoy up to date infotainment services with Uconnect and Appleplay. So you can listen to what you want, stay connected to friends and family, and navigate smoothly whilst staying safe on the road.

Plus, join the family and receive a unique (500)RED welcome kit. Helping support the fight against the suffering caused by global pandemics with RED deserves some thanks. For your support you will receive a dedicated key cover as well as a hand sanitiser dispenser, another way of keeping you safe on the go. 

*99.9% at the time of treatment. 

(RED)iscover Comfort & Style.

Innovative design and unparalleled comfort meet in (RED) Fiat Family. Sit back in new fabric black or red seats, made with Seaqual Yarn, black or red pipings, and of course the dedicated (500)RED logo & Fiat monogram.

Express your style in red, from the red-painted details like the centre wheel of the hubcap, to the striking red dashboard which catches the eye and holds it. If Passione Red isn’t the colour for you, you can choose from sleek, grey, black or white exteriors. 

Meet The New 500 Family (RED)


The classic Fiat 500 electrified. Your electric journey starts here with the New 500’s 193 mile range. Enjoy 5 minutes fast charge which will take you 30 miles, perfect for city driving or running errands. Sherpa Mode, an energy conserving feature that can be activated to optimise the car’s parameters, can take you even further. Smart driving will help you with cruise control, as well as attention and lane assistance.


The (500)RED builds on the classic design of Fiat 500 as a hybrid model. The perfect hybrid model for those curious about driving electric.  Feel safe on the road with cruise control, a speed limiter, and a Hill Holder function while seven cabin airbags protect you from every angle. Opt for the 500C to enjoy the open air in this iconic city car with a soft electric roof.


The Fiat 500X is a small SUV Crossover car designed to provide smooth driving and great performance. Pile in with family or friends and enjoy consumption efficient adventures with peace of mind thanks to the Firefly petrol engines 1.0l T3 120hp MT and 1.3l T4 150hp DCT.

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