An Electric New Era For Fiat 

Fully charged and ready to go, the electric Fiat 500 range, made up of the New 500 Hatchback and the New 500 Cabrio with panoramic soft-top roof, is establishing itself as an impressive addition to the e-car race. With a selection of different trims on offer, each of the two New 500s packs a real punch, with 30 miles of driving time on just five minutes of charge. This is the ultimate city car - clean and quiet, yet powerful and luxurious.

Electric Features

The new 500e is packed with advanced features to maximise driver comfort and economy. Some of these features include:

One Pedal Driving - Control acceleration and deceleration using just the right pedal, every time the driver lifts their foot off the pedal the car slows down, the kinetic energy is then recovered and converted in to electric power to recharge the battery.

Sherpa Mode - Activate 'Sherpa Mode' to save energy while optimising your cars energy usage, including mobile charger and air conditioning or limiting acceleration.

Fast Charging - Thanks to 85kw fast charging, a 5 minute charge will provide a full days driving (30 miles) and 80% charge can be achieved in the time it takes for a coffee break (35 mins).

Advanced Driving Features

The all-new Fiat 500 is the first small electric car to bring Level 2 Autonomous Driving (ADAS) which brings a host of advanced safety and security features you can trust to keep you safer when you're on the road. Below are just some of the features available on the Fiat 500.

Stay in your lane

Lane keep assist helps you stay safely in your lane. When your speed is 37mph or above, the Fiat 500 helps to prevent you accidentally crossing the lines in the road and keep you in the centre of your own lane. When the system detects that the vehicle is about to drift across a road line unintentionally, visual, audio and haptic signs warn the driver to make corrective action.

Fiat Co-driver

With Fiat Co-driver, your journeys are smoother and safer. Use the steering wheel buttons to set the speed you would like to travel and the distance you would like to keep from the car ahead (when over 37mph) and co-driver will autonomously maintain the distance and will stop when traffic requires. The all-new 500 can also read the road signs ahead and suggest what speed you should be travelling on the current road.

Autonomous Emergency Braking

The all-new 500 brakes automatically to avoid or mitigate collision with other vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists at up to 80 mph. In the first phase, the system will alert the driver with an acoustic and visual warning, if the driver does not respond to this, the system will jerk the brakes and finally apply the brakes, helping to avoid or mitigate a potential impact.


The New 500 Hatchback takes the modern 500’s much-loved outer and adds touches of its heritage style, giving a well-deserved nod to the original 1957 Fiat 500. Contemporary and sleek, the New 500 Hatchback looks as good as it feels.

  • Panoramic sunroof
  • Full LED lights with ‘Infinity’ signature in a renewed style
  • LED side arrows that pay tribute to the original Fiat 500’s unmistakeable identity
  • A redesigned electric door handle with e-latch hidden button for keyless entry
  • 17” alloy wheels with a bi-tone diamond finish
  • New 500 badge logo to proudly showcase Fiat’s first ever electric car


Italian style and sophistication meet an environmentally conscious reimagining of the 500’s interiors. From its luxury eco-leather wrapped dashboard, to its eco-leather embossed seats with the iconic 500 logo on the backrest - the future of motor interiors is here. The lack of central tunnel up front gives both the driver and passengers more space and comfort, while the signature 500 badge on the steering wheel adds to its premium feel.

Cinemara Infotainment

The New 500’s Cinemara Infotainment system is a sight to behold, a large crisp screen and cutting edge features ensure every journey is a pleasure.

  • A stunning 10.25” display
  • Customisable screen arrangement
  • Voice control
  • Navigation
  • Smartphone connectivity
  • Compatible with wireless projection systems
  • Apple Carplay and Android Auto

Electric Car Features

The New 500 Hatchback has an impressive driving range, covering up to 277 miles when in urban cycle mode, or 194 miles as standard. Five minutes of fast charging at 85 kW results in 30 miles range, or 80% battery charge in just 35 minutes. And with Sherpa Mode activated, the New 500 engages full energy efficiency while still optimising power for phone charging, air-con and other features. It also benefits by being one of the very first electric cars to be powered by one driving pedal - accelerate with the foot down, and decelerate when the foot lifts up, which also generates kinetic energy to recharge the car.

The optional easyWallbox can be fixed easily outside your home, without any professional installation required. Its Bluetooth connectivity allows you to access settings and check operation status from your phone. And the Dynamic Power Management (DPM) sensor ensures no power outages at home while charging. Upgrade to 7.4 kW for a full home charge in just under four hours.

Technology and Safety

The New 500 uses technological ingenuity to seamlessly collaborate with the car and driver to ensure a safer and smarter drive.

  • Fiat Co-driver - an intelligent driving assistant that suggests what speed the driver should do based on the road and its live environment.
  • Lane control when driving above 37 mph
  • Assisted parking with 360 degree parking sensors
  • Blind spot notifications
  • Rear view camera
  • Autonomous emergency braking which activates when the driver does not respond
  • Attention assist detects if the driver may be sleepy and sounds a warning
Emergency call made to the 112 emergency service when a severe accident has occurred, giving position and vehicle status

Fiat App

Using the Fiat app, your New Fiat 500 can be controlled and monitored with a tap and a swipe of your smartphone. Manage the charge status, home charge and locate your nearest charging point. Or locate your car using My Remote on the app, lock/unlock the doors and even schedule the air-con. Plus, use the My Car feature to monitor the health and status of your tyre pressure, odometer and maintenance updates. You can also connect up to eight devices to the My Wi-Fi hotspot, all by using the simple app.

New Fiat 500 Cabrio

The New 500 Cabrio offers all the style, innovation and technology that the New 500 Hatchback offers but with a large, panoramic soft-top roof. Pull the sunroof back and let loose in this powerful, all-electric city car. 

63 Years of Style

The all-new 500 shares the same stylistic proportions and unmistakable Italian design elements as the previous two generations and carries them in to the next decade. Crisp, clean lines ensure the latest generation 500 is more graceful and elegant than ever before and a wider stance gives the all-new Fiat 500 even more road presence.

LED Infinity Headlights are a unique and instantly recognisable signature of the all-new 500 and they are complimented by stylish side arrow indicators that take inspiration from the 1957 model. Traditional door handles are replaced by neat electric handles that are easy to use and allow the 500's clean lines to continue uninterrupted.

A New Space

Inside, the 500 is completely new and internal space has been revolutionised. The absence of a gear lever and central tunnel, as well as a well thought out layout ensures a more spacious and comfortable environment.

Some trim levels feature eco-leather seats with embossed Fiat monogram detailing, while others have seats made using "Seaqual" yarn with plastic recovered from the sea. The new style of seats are designed to be more elegant and comfortable with a focus on sustainability.

Clear references to the original 500 feature throughout the interior, for example, the steering wheel is shaped to recall the iconic style of the two-spoke wheel in the original 1957 Fiat 500.

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