New Alfa Romeo Cars

Alfa Romeo cars have always been the epitome of Italian style and class. This is evident in their 2019 models, which ooze stylish curves and designer touches in all the right places. Since their beginnings in 1910 Alfa Romeo have always, at their heart, designed high performing cars. Even winning the very first two Formula 1 world championships. Using this knowledge they have delivered something to suit everyone with their new models, from a super mini through to their first ever MPV. Check out the new range of Alfa Romeo cars below.

Kicking off Alfa’s new range is the Alfa Romeo Mito, their supermini offering. The Mito was designed in Milan, Italy’s fashion capital, and built in Torino - which explains it’s good looks both inside and out. The Giulietta is the Italian brands most popular model, this hatchback stands out from its competition offering a more stylish solution than anything else currently on the market. Meanwhile the Giulia, a compact saloon, brings a touch of Italian sophistication which has long been missing from the saloon market. The Stelvio is Alfa Romeo’s first ever SUV, which first launched in 2016. It’s inspired by the Stelvio mountain pass, famed for its winding 48 hairpins - all of which the Alfa Romeo Stelvio handles in its stride. Last, but by no means least, is the Alfa Romeo 4C - a small but mighty Italian supercar. This lightweight supercar boasts a beautifully crafted carbon fibre tub and impressive speeds.