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Welcome to the PDH Motors hub, covering everything related to driving electric with Fiat. 

Discover the 500e La Prima; the icon that has been inspiring change since 1957. It now sits at the forefront of electric mobility technology.


If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of switching from a combustion engine to an electric motor, then checkout our guide to Driving Electric. 

However, here’s a quick roundup of some of the most appealing advantages:

1. Free access to limited traffic areas within cities

As a non-polluting vehicle, electric cars may be able to access some city centres free of charge.

2. Reduced fuel costs

Electric recharging is much cheaper than any other fuel, which is up to three times less than other fuels.

3. Ease of driving

The electric Fiat 500 is perfect for city driving, providing you with fluid acceleration and a compact size to squeeze around tight corners and into small parking spaces.

4. Comfort

The electric car produces almost no noise and offers a relaxing environment, which significantly reduces the stress of driving.

5. Maintenance

The mechanics of electric cars, from the engine to the transmission, are much simpler than those of a traditional car, because there are fewer components and fewer liquids to refill. Thanks to regenerative braking, even the brakes are used less than in traditional cars.

Range & Battery Charging

Experience up to 199 miles* of range on a combined cycle. 30 miles of driving on 5 minutes of fast charge. 

Discover the New 500 Electric’s maximum range and driving modes.

The Speed Factor

Speed is the biggest factor to impact battery range. When driving at a constant speed of 70mph, the range of a 100% electric vehicle is almost halved compared to that of the WLTP cycle. Meanwhile, at constant urban driving speeds, the range can be extended beyond the WLTP cycle.

Driving Habits Matter

Eco-driving is key to maximising the optimised performance of your electric vehicles. Smooth acceleration & gentle use of braking will reduce energy consumption, while the one-pedal drive function maximises the regenerative braking effect. Combined, these can help optimise autonomy by 15%-20%.

Temperature Onboard and Autonomy

Did you know that varying temperatures in hot or cold weather outside can vary the potential range of your electric vehicle by up to 40%? Preheating the car whilst it is still plugged in is an effective way to combat this. Don’t worry, you can get ahead and control or pre-set this from your smartphone or infotainment system.


The New 500 Electric helps you save more than just fuel: maintenance costs are up to 35% less compared to a combustion engine-car.

  • 8 years battery warranty
  • 99,419 Miles battery warranty 
  • 35% lower scheduled costs (compared to combustion engines) 
  • Update entertainments system over the air without having to visit a dealership

City Regulations

Electric cars have more freedom to move around cities: into low emission zones free of charge, for example. The Fiat 500e is the ideal city car not just for it’s clean emissions, but for it’s compact size, comfortable drive, and stylish appearance. Accelerate smoothly when you need to, nip through traffic and into tight parking spaces. Discover how electric mobility can change your everyday life.

Electric Car Apps From Fiat


Discover all the advantages of an electric car with Fiat GOe LIVE app, tracking the driving behaviour of any car and comparing it to the New Fiat 500. Estimate the cost of each trip and find out the total savings you could get with the New Fiat 500.

FIAT app

The Fiat app makes the perfect companion for the New 500. They are always connected, so you can monitor and browse the car’s features at any time, from any place. You can also manage all your charging services from the FIAT app, by directly accessing the My easyCharge and My easyWallbox apps.

Driving the 500e you can collect 
KIRI coins. KIRI is the first electric journey-generated digital currency, and as you drive, you earn. Thanks to the integration of KIRI on the FIAT app, you can now check, in real time, the KIRI Coins you have collected by driving the New 500 and access to KIRI portal to spend your rewards immediately.

MY easyCharge

The MY easyCharge app allows you to search for and locate public charging stations. Once found, you can gain access thanks to the app or the card, an option that can be requested when registering.

My easyWallbox

This is a bluetooth-based control app for the easyWallbox that allows you to start or delay a recharge session, browse previous charging sessions, and configure the wallbox itself. The wallbox is a device capable of recharging your electric car quickly. With the wallbox you have the option to install it at home or at your place of work.


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