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Air conditioning tends to come as standard in cars today. At PDH Cars we know that getting your car’s air conditioning serviced isn’t something you may have thought of, or that is high up on your agenda. But trust us, the day it stops working - typically a hot day - you will regret not getting it serviced sooner.

Most manufacturers recommend getting your car’s air conditioning serviced once every two years. The good news is it doesn’t cost a fortune to do so.

Why should I get my car’s air conditioning serviced?

If you never serviced the air conditioning in your car it would eventually stop working. You’ll notice it slowly gets less effective at clearing your windscreen in the winter, or cooling you down in the summer.

You could also experience some unpleasant smells when you turn the aircon on. This is down to the bacteria and mould which slowly builds up in the system overtime.

If you stop using your air conditioning system altogether due to the above issues then eventually parts will begin to seize up and pipes will crack, causing a much bigger problem to fix.


What happens in an air conditioning service?

There are two steps in an air conditioning service. The main and most important step is regassing. This is where the old refrigerant gas is removed from your car’s system and is replaced with new gas, making your aircon run cold once again.

You can also get an antibacterial cleanse. This clears out any of the nasty bacteria and mould which has built up in the car’s air conditioning system, eliminating the bad odours you’ve been experiencing from your aircon.


Car air conditioning service offers

Take advantage of one of our fantastic air conditioning service offers below:



This service includes:

  • Checking the operation of heater controls
  • Checking the internal blower speeds
  • Checking the condition of the pollen filter
  • Checking the evaporator drain
  • Checking the condition of the drive belt
  • Purging the system of unpleasant odours and bacterial growth using an airborne treatment.


This service includes all of the items in the above Antibacterial Cleanse plus:

  • Checking air conditioning system for leaks
  • Drain and renew refrigerant gas
  • Checking temperature of refrigerant gas
  • Checking cooling fan operation

Note: there will be an extra charge for a pollen filter if required.

Offer is applicable to Fiat, Abarth and Alfa Romeo cars only post 1990 using R134a Gas

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